When Liberal Democrats win - America loses

Back to the Basics of what made this Country and State Great

  • Support Traditional family values
  • Except for the life of the mother-end abortion
  • Return to patriotic and moral values
  • Protect our liberty and freedoms
  • Individual responsibility and accountability
  • Marriage is between a man and woman
  • One Nation under God
  • Less taxes and no more bailouts
  • Support our men and women in the military 100%

Who am I?

  • Born and raised in Adams County, married with two great kids, and I am 52 years old
  • I am the most fiscally conservative elected official in Adams County saving taxpayers millions in unwanted tax increases and have the battle scars to prove it
  • Elected to Brighton School District 27J 2001-2005, Greater Brighton Fire Protection District 2006-2010
  • 20 years of public service on local government committees, councils, boards, and community organizations
  • Education includes paralegal, real estate broker, appraiser, tax preparer, and insurance
  • Jobs have included warehouse manager, real estate broker, appraiser, firefighter, EMT, and Haz-Mat -Technician  

We need Common Sense for a Change

  • Face our financial crisis head on
  • Capitalism not socialism
  • Free markets not  nonproductive government regulations
  • Less government not more welfare and entitlement programs
  • Repeal amendment 23 and support TABOR
  • Be ready for the day the federal monetary system fails
  • Protect our second amendment rights to bear arms
  • Legal immigration not illegal immigration
  • The states need to tell congress they need term-limits also
  • Educational reforms that make sense and eliminate tenure
  • Eliminate government corruption and waste