Tell me Mr President how do you fix this mess

   (What a Trillion Dollar Looks like - Chart Created April 2010) )


In our lifetime, we have listened to politicians for over 30 years at the federal and state levels. Telling voters how they were going to solve our upcoming financial crisis. Well they have failed. The Federal Reserve and the federal government along with many states are on the verge of bankruptcy. We have record debt, unfunded entitlement programs, a growing uneducated workforce, and failing pension plans. Tell me Congress, how do you plan to fix the financial problems other than to tax, spend, and regulate our country into the greatest depression in this country’s history? Answer-you can’t the day of accountability is coming.  State legislators and governors need to prepare for the current economic conditions, but also the worse case-the financial failure of the federal government and the monetary system. Whether the economy continues a slow up and down demise or an overnight crash, the day of accountability for decade’s worth of mistakes is coming.      


Tom Janich

     Pie Chart created April 2010


Federal Government Impact on Colorado

  Colorado receives nearly 24% of its total budget dollars from the federal government that is going to go bankrupt in our lifetime. The discretionary spending of the federal government will be consumed by mandatory programs and interest on the national debt in the next 10 to 20 years. Compounding the problem is the federal government continues to bailout banks, car companies, and insurance companies increasing the debt. The deck of cards could fall anytime.
WHAT DO WE DO? We plan for the day federal funding is gone and how to deal with a collapse of the national and world economy until it recovers and it will recover. Thank god here in Colorado we only have approximately 5 million people, taxpayer’s bill of rights, and a balance budget amendment-compare that to California’s or New York’s problems. The states with the best educated workforce, lowest taxes, least government regulations, most resources, lowest crime rates, and lowest debt will be best off to attract those with the capital to fire up the economies in these states.
  After 9/11 we plan and fight against terrorism after Hurricane Katriana we find our weaknesses on a major disaster. Right now the State of Colorado has no plan in place if the federal government goes bankrupt or the Federal Reserve becomes insolvent.
If elected I will do everything possible to be the Paul Revere and tell people to get ready and bring the brightest minds together to plan for the financial day of accountability that is upon us all.
My advice to you is don’t count on government to solve your problem start thinking about how to prepare for the upcoming economic crisis like never seen before in our lifetime. Learn about how the Federal Reserve System creates money out of debt, fractional banking, gold standard, and financial derivatives. Learn how the annual federal budget deficits add to the national debt. The effects of inflation from increasing the money supply is the greatest undisclosed tax increase in history.


American Values

  The last issue I would like to talk about is our patriotic and moral values that have made this the greatest country in the world. No amount of government can replace the love and nurturing of a loving family. People we do not need more government in our lives we need to keep our families together, work hard, make education, and good health priories in our lives.
For nearly 50 years now this country has been plagued with an illegal drug epidemic. The war on illegal drugs is approaching 50 years and it has cost our country and state dearly. We need to rid our state and communities of hard drugs like Meth with every means possible. I do not think it would be a good idea to legalize marijuana but it looks like many states soon will and Colorado needs to be ready to control cultivation, distribution, taxing, and selling marijuana much like liquor and tobacco. Medical marijuana with an exception of a few patients is nothing but a front for legalization.
there have been nearly 50 million abortions since 1973 and approximately one in five viable births ends in abortion since abortion was legalized. This is the saddest event in our life time right up there with slavery and civil rights violation. Think about the productivity and vital role those lives could have made in America as we grow old. What loving god would ever condone abortion on this level? Abortion is no different than the horror of slavery or discrimination except it always ends in death and victimizes the mother who was told it “ok” the law allows you to have an abortion. What happen to equality and justice for all? With the exception of the mother’s life being endanger, my votes will never have the blood of abortion on my hands.
Pornography must be strictly controlled. Pornography went from the porn-theaters in the 60’s to the largest use of the internet this plague has destroyed families and victimized millions of women and children.
We are a nation of debt and this state is no exception. We are going to find out if we have the courage and values previous generations of Americans have had to overcome World War I and II, the great depression, and all the other tough periods in our country’s history.
We are “one nation under God” and for decades more and more people have less and less faith in god and you can see it in attack after attack on our nation as our connection to God diminishes. I will not support laws that continue to push god out of our lives.
God Bless America