It is not IF but WHEN our FEDERAL government goes BANKRUPT
I have been listening to politicians talk about fixing our financial problems at the federal level for 30-plus years and they have failed miserably. My fellow Americans, I implore you to take a strong look at the coming fiscal bubble, the mother of all financial bubbles.  Think of me as a modern day Paul Revere.  It is not the British coming but the failure of the federal government’s budget and a massive depression to follow. It could happen anytime but no later than in the next ten years or so in my opinion. The final nail in the coffin is when mandatory spending takes over the entire federal budget and leaves Congress with little or nothing for discretionary spending. This President and most in Congress are gutless and will not stop it. I will outline the current problems and then the pre- and post-bankruptcy solutions I offer for debate.
 Here are the major problems and why there is no way out except a massive overhaul of the federal government’s fiscal structure. I cannot stress enough that the Great Depression of the thirties was much different because now it is the government that is bankrupt along with major problems in the private sector:

Our next President and congress needs to show us real solutions to these problems!
The pre-solutions are simple but hard to accept


What am I going to do for the 2016 Election?
Please support me in replacing the tax and spend liberal Senator Michael Bennet in the State of Colorado.  I will approach the convention and see if the delegates want a candidate who is willing to tell the truth, stand for principles, and have the guts to tell it the way it is.
There is no amount of taxation, spending, borrowing, growing the GDP, and/or printing of money that will save us from this nation’s financial mess. I have no doubt this great country of 300 million-plus can recover from the federal government going through a bankruptcy reorganization. But I have serious doubt if our elected leaders allow our currency to fail.   Then all bets are off and God help us all!
  We, as Americans, are going to find out if we have what the brave, hardworking, patriotic, and most of “one nation under God” had during the depression, World War I and II, and our independence. Yes, this financial crisis will be every bit of one of these moments.
Don’t count on government and the status quo Politicians saving you. They are running on a 1970’s platform while our financial and moral foundation is crumbling around us. Do the best you can to prepare for this massive financial correction.
Think social issues, moral values, and love of GOD are not a major Issue in this election? Think again!
  People who think social issues are not a priority in this election should think twice about how we treat each other and the moral values that guide us through this coming financial disaster. For example, think of the approximately 50 million abortions since 1973. (20% of all viable births)   That is 1/5 of our youth killed at our own government’s hand by the laws they have allowed since 1973. This is worse than slavery and the civil rights violations-  the lowest points in our national history. The 50 year-old plague of drugs and alcohol has destroyed 10’s of millions of Americans since the 60’s costing our country trillions. The family unit is in decay. America, we better wake up and get back to what made this country great!
  Take a hard look at the 50 year war on drugs and immorality, even with Martin Luther King’s efforts on civil rights and despite our heroes in law enforcement’s best efforts to keep our streets safe.  Where do you think this country’s morals and values are headed? Do you feel safer to walk you street at night or let your young child walk to school than you did 4 years ago, 8 years ago, 12 years ago, 20 years ago, or 40 years ago? You get the point.  Moral values are the heart of any free society and the citizens reap the rewards when they are good and pay a dear price in freedom, prosperity, and safety when they are not.
  I do believe that our moral decline is a direct result of far too many Americans abandoning God.
I strongly encourage you to be an informed voter on this fiscal matter. 
If you do nothing else I strongly urge you to be an informed voter.  Study and Google the following; financial derivatives, how the Federal Reserve creates money, fractional banking, federal national debt, federal annual budget deficit, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), gross domestic product (GDP), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Congress raiding trillions of Social Security dollars and spending it in the general budget, Medicare, and MedicaidThe best place to start is - a great website.
P.S.   Re-elect Obama and his liberal cronies at your own peril. If you voted for Obama in 2008 you can claim ignorance.  If you vote for him again in 2012 you get what you deserve - a socialist country with its best days behind it. Obama inherited an economy on life support but decide to pull the plug and smother it with a pillow instead of fix it!!
Thank you for your support.  God bless American and those who died or were wounded for our freedom.  Tom Janich