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How to balance the federal Budget

Let me get right to why I am running for the US Senate. For decades now I have listened to politicians talk about balancing the budget only to see it get worse and worse. In only one life time basically the federal government went from no welfare to a welfare dependent nation

I am the only candidate that has a guaranteed way to balance the federal budget in 5 years

It is a given that elected democrats are just committing fiscal suicide in Washington and across the country I wish someone would sit down with them and teach them some basic math and budgeting 101.

Our nation’s federal government is going bankrupt and when it does it will take the private sector with it. Our leaders in Washington have a “deer in the headlights approach” of racing towards the bankruptcy instead of facing our fiscal crisis head on

I am talking about a 100 year correction not the 07/08 recession that is a walk in the park compared to what is coming- even if we do it right- Let’s take a quick look back starting in 1913 with the creation of the federal reserve and the sixteenth amendment the income tax- followed by getting off the gold standard followed by LBJ great society of welfare, SSI, food stamps, Medicaid, corporate welfare, the budget deficits, staggering national debt, part D of Medicare, and finally the insult to injury, Obama care.

Now trillions of dollars in US treasuries must be refinanced every year on top of the new debt making the interest paid on the national debt a powder keg ready to explode with more debt and higher interest rates to come

Our economy and government is extremely complex yet the big fiscal picture is becoming very clear and simple to understand

We have much bigger problems then just repealing Obama care which I support but that is the tip of the ice burg. We need to get the federal government out of the welfare business altogether from top to bottom- we can either slash the federal government spending in a systematical manner or wait for it to crash overnight leaving this country in kayos

  I propose eliminating baseline budgeting. That is get rid of the automatic annual inflation increase to the federal budget-freeze the budget. Then impose what I call my 4/25/5/500 plan- that means over 4 years at 25% per year, in order to allow states to adjust to the loss of funding. Eliminate all welfare programs and ineffective federal agencies and departments without mandates to the state to replace the money or welfare services.

  This would easily add up to over one trillion a year by the end of the four year. If that is not enough then 5% cuts across the board with defense spending not included in the first round.

  National defense and national security are the federal government’s number 1 priority. With a balanced budget in place, pass a balance budget amendment. Then Pay off the national debt at a targeted amount of 500 billion a year until paid off.

Now to get rid of the welfare at the top we must take the power away from the feds to increase the money supply- that is stop quantitative easing what the feds are do is not capitalism but bailouts for toxic assets- this is nothing more than legalize counterfeiting.  

 I will not support any tax increase- so in order to eliminate the corporate welfare of subsidies and tax credit we need to eliminate all corporate taxes at 25% per year over four years. The net loss will not be as bad you might think and this will attract businesses from around the world and show the world the USA is the place to do business and keep your money-creating millions of real private sector jobs in time

Another ticking time bomb for taxpayers is all the different insurances the federal government has created like FDIC, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae all of which if they fail in a big way could cost the taxpayers trillions. The federal government needs to be phased out of insuring private businesses

By eliminating all federal welfare it will have a profound effect in correcting our immigration problem- Americans will have to take the low paying jobs and will motivate americans to get a higher education and skills to make higher wages. Immigrants will have to come here legally in order to find a job

Most of all, elected members of congress need their benefits eliminated and congressional allowance and salaries slashed in half

People are going call me cruel for wanting to do away with all the federal welfare and I say it is 100 times crueler to let the greatest nation on earth go bankrupt after all those who have died for it, built it, and are yet to come. Let the charity come from the people not the government

Folks if nothing else- I ask you to make all candidates and elected officials at the federal level show you the math, the timeline, and in simple terms how they would balance the federal budget and payoff the national debt, otherwise it is nothing but good old politics.

Obviously this or any real plan will require the republicans taking control of both houses and getting rid of the  corrupt, dishonest, and incompetent white house administration.

Remember elected officials have already robbed from social security and every federal pension fund to the tune of 5 trillion dollars in IOU’s to itself the federal government

Defense spending has and is being slashed and the democrats want to decrease it even more at a time when the world is as dangerous as ever for the US and our allies.

 Watch as our federal government in the coming years borrows more then they raise in revenues

Watch as the feds continue to monetize the national debt

Watch as 70 to 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities swamps the federal budget leaving nothing for discretionary spending.

Watch as no amount of new taxes and stagnant growth in GDP will not even make a dent in the spending machine of Washington

Watch as the US treasuries crash like the stock market of 1929 taking the world economy with it because it is obvious to the world that the only way we can honor our debt is for the feds to make more money

This is a drastic plan for drastic times  

 We can survive our federal government going through a bankruptcy reorganization what we cannot survive is our elected officials in Washington afraid to tell the truth out of fear of not being elected letting the Federal Reserve cover it up with new money at the click of a button and have our currency fail. God help us all if that happens

I urge all Americans to study the Federal Reserve, the money supply and the federal government budget. You will see that there is only one real way out of this fiscal disaster and that is massive spending cuts. I don’t claim to know it all but in the spirit of Paul Revere “the federal bankruptcy is coming” get ready we are at the pre-bankruptcy stage soon to be bankrupt followed by post-bankruptcy

We need emergency plans at the local, state, and federal level for when the federal government does go bankrupt. We plan for all type of emergencies but what about a fiscal meltdown where is the emergency plan for that I ask you? There is not one. Do you have one for you and your family?

What it comes down to in my opinion is do more Americans voters still want capitalism or do they want socialism.  

To sum it up-Congress must stop the bankruptcy, end the welfare, fully fund our defense, and balance the budget in five years

God Bless the USA Please vote Tom Janich United States Senate